The Game




“Nobody said being an intergalactic mercenary would be easy. But that’s okay – you like it rough.”


Rogue Squad is a cooperative science fiction board game that combines thrilling combat action with exciting strategic challenges. In this action game, 1 to 4 players step into the boots of a misfit band of mercenaries who must battle their way through swarms of bloodthirsty aliens to fulfill their mission.

Each player controls 1 to 4 mercenary troopers. Steer the squad’s combat robot, share equipment, upgrade weapons, use special items and – above all – cooperate to stay alive and carry out your mission. Only a combat unit that works together can hope to stand against the aliens’ overwhelming numbers. Rescue your comrades, argue over the best routes and tactics, upgrade your combat skills, and even fight for leadership – but whatever you do, be quick about it! Because one instant, you may be the predator… but the next, you will become the prey.

Rogue Squad is an exciting turn-based game with easy-to-learn rules. Depending on the mission’s level of difficulty, one game lasts from 45 minutes to 3 hours. A fully developed universe, intriguing characters, and thrilling scenarios allow you to focus as much (or as little) on roleplaying as you like.


Flexible Scenario System

Rogue Squad’s scenario system ties every game mission into an overarching story plot.

Every Rogue Squad game scenario is a mission set you and your squad must complete. With each mission you take on, you discover more about the alien threat and the universe at large. As you advance, you’ll be faced with some tough choices that will determine not only your own future, but the fate of humankind.

Of course, if you want to play without worrying about the bigger picture, you can do that, too! Every mission can be played standalone with a concrete mission goal, so you can just pick one and wade in. Whether you want to play single mission or dive into a multi-game plot arc is up to you.


Highly Detailed Board Tiles

Immersing yourself in the game world is easy with these beautifully designed and incredibly detailed, double-sided board tiles. They can be arranged to create a large variety of dark science fiction settings. Battle scars, blood spatter and the regular signs of wear and tear caused by many years of use add an element of realism that puts you right into the moment.



User-Friendly Trooper Interfaces

Advancement skills, equipped weapons, weapon upgrades and booster: Your trooper interface lets you keep track of your abilities and possessions, and does it in style. As the window into your interstellar mercenary’s world, this character dashboard keeps you organized and tells you everything you need to know at a single glance.



Custom Dice

Rogue Squad provides a unique combat system with custom made dice.




Want to know what your trusty neural disruptor looks like? Each of the game’s weapon cards, event cards, and upgrade cards is designed to not only be a vital part of gameplay, but to also enrich the Rogue Squad universe by giving you a closer look at one of its facets.



Sturdy Tokens

Weapon upgrades, booster, alien portals, radar blips, crawler eggs, explosion markers and more: Tokens fulfill a number of important functions in the game. The one thing they have in common is an attractive design with an eye to detail.


Captivating Miniatures

Immediately striking, the game’s top-quality miniatures boast an amazing level of detail. You can actually see the textures of the troopers’ armor and the aliens’ carapaces.


Unlockable Achievements

Why should video games have all the fun? We’re working on a way to let you unlock achievements and share your greatest successes. If you and your squad complete a dangerous mission in just 15 turns, clear an infested space station of aliens or max out on experience points in record time, you’ll be able to let everyone know.


A World of Potential

Rogue Squad is set in a rich, fully developed science fiction universe bursting with storytelling potential. Your exploits will take you from an alien-infested, battle-scarred mining outpost on the outer edges of inhabited space …

… to the breathtaking space stations of the corporations buying up the universe one system at a time …

… to the glittering, treacherous imperial courts of the crumbling interstellar empires …

… and the harsh, barren vistas of the First Worlds, barely terraformed and ravaged by strange cults and ideologies. And this is only the beginning.