The Aliens



In the broken flicker of emergency lighting, the inhuman, angular shapes that loom in the corridor of the abandoned space station seem unreal – like bizarre nightmares come to life.




Watching a Razor scurry towards you, long barbed claws reaching out… that’s one of the most horrifying sights you will ever see. You’d better hope it’s not also the last sight you will ever see, because these things are vicious. And boy, are they tough to kill.




If you don’t watch out, Leapers will surprise you – and not in a good way. Keep an eye out for these critters; they are fast, and they can jump. Unless you’re very careful, they’ll be right on top of you before you know it.




Don’t underestimate Crawlers. Sure, they’re not as quick, as strong, or as hard to kill as the other aliens. In many ways, though, Crawlers pose the worst threat, because they are everywhere. They will throw themselves at you in wave after wave, and eventually, their sheer numbers will wear you down. All it takes is a single moment of distraction.



The Alien Overlord

If you see this guy, your day is about to get a whole lot worse. The Alien Overlord is the biggest and baddest alien of them all. Ordinary weapons won’t even slow him down – you’re going to need serious artillery to stop this sucker. Alternately, run like hell.